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Week 1 of the challenge

Things started okay, then there was a weekend. Ugh! Ate out twice which pulled me off of MWL. Oh well. Can't beat myself up over that, since I cooked a LOT more than usual. Go me! Had a pot luck at work and ate too much pasta salad that was amazing but the oil gave me revenge. erg. I ate really good all the other times! That darn pasta salad was tasty though. It could have been the foccacia I was eyeing the whole day, but I stayed away from that. Go me! No cheese this week at all! Yay!

Went to the gym Friday, then skipped until Tuesday. Promises of the husband attending and my lazy butt should have known better, so I went Tuesday through today.

And love is the gym scale. Mine at home seems to be 14!!!!!! pounds off! No wonder I thought I was packing on the pounds! Oh well, I'm still in this for the next 7 weeks :)
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